14 December 2011

The Trouble with Slippers

Somewhere, deep in my box of awful ideas, I decided it would be awesome to knit my grandmothers ballet slippers as a bonus Christmas gift. Andrew and I were asked to get them photos from our wedding, but I felt guilty just giving them a photograph (of us, no less), so I thought "hey, I have some Jade Sapphire cashmere in my stash from a wicked LYS sale... I should use it!"

Unfortunately, I should've known that laceweight cashmere is a bad choice for slippers. I did have some rather pretty, natural worsted yarn in my stash, so I went about using that to do a mockup. I chose Oh, Slip as my pattern, but was dismayed to find that the pattern was actually calling for a doubled sock yarn... But I thought I'd give it a shot with the worsted I had:

The first one, which was completed in mere hours, was a bit disappointing. The construction is basic: Short row toe, some shaping for the foot, and a short row heel. The pattern is well-written, but the fit was pretty rough. The heel came up too high, so my ankle joint kept pushing the slipper lower, off my foot. The sides were a bit shallow, as well. I do love the purled opening/ bind off, but I'm not thrilled with the yarn. I think I'll  look through my stash a little more tonight, as I finish a matching slipper to the one above... Might as well have a pair! I'll use them around the house.

In other news, I scored an awesome knit dress at Free People last week. It was on sale! I love Free People, because they always have kickass knits that can, at the very least, serve as inspiration. Here's the dress on me:

I love the details: the chiffon slip and ties, the shaping at the waist... It's so comfortable, too! Here's a back view, courtesy of the website:

I love finding good knits! Any other stores I should shop at? Leave 'em in the comments!
- YX

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