26 December 2011

Trend: Winter White

Although Houston summers are brutal, I love this time of year because we travel enough to interact with snow, but don't have to stick around for the slush.
Instead, I find myself gravitating toward fluffy white sweaters and blankets, which remind me of snowbanks without the cold. Winter white is an awesome color: it's not as yellow as ivory, but it's not a cold white, either. It looks great with greys and browns, and festively bright when everyone's walking around with huge, black overcoats.

Here are a few skeins I'm loving right now:

Debbie Bliss Andes in Off White- this is the yarn I used for the failed blue slippers, which is totally nice in cowls and accessories: 

And I love anything Filatura de Crosa. Here's Pamir, which is 50% wool, 30% cashmere and 20% silk:

I would love to include some indie artists, but natural white wool kind of defeats the purpose, so I'll have to pick a more vibrant color for my next color feature, for sure!

How do you guys feel about white yarn? Wedding shawls only? Refuse to wear it for fear of dirt/staining? Have half of your FOs in white? Let me know in the comments...
- YX

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