23 December 2011

LRB Penny Farthing Sport (Ahab)

Hey! I have a video for ya:

Love this yarn for so many reasons: It's a gorgeous color, it's super soft, and it was made by an awesome indie dyer, so what more could I possibly ask for?

I caked the first skein two nights ago, before Andrew and I left for Christmas. We flew to Rhode Island, and I figured the TSA would be more lenient on my Addi Lace Clicks if I had a project on the needles, so I did the first little section of a project before I boarded:

Recognize it? It's the Texelle Shawl! I needed a break from all the gift knitting, so it's my side project. I'm worried about the rapidly increasing planned project/WIP/stash yarn situation I seem to be having, so I hope that I can get this (and my other projects) finished up relatively soon for the new year. The cardigan I'm planning (with the alpaca I bought from the farm- remember that?) will have to wait. I have a sinking feeling it'll be a next-fall FO, sadly.

Hope you guys like the video!
- YX


  1. I love this colorway! Beautiful sea green. You make Texelle look great. :)

  2. Thank you, Brenda! I can't wait to do my FO post on Monday... Photos today!