05 December 2011

Trend: Ballet slippers

I love slippers: from the fair isle, leather-soled versions I've seen in stores lately all the way back to my big poofy Steve Madden muppet slippers, there's nothing more cozy than a good pair.

There are a TON of great knitted and felted slippers, but I want to focus on a very specific type for today: non-felted, ballet-style flat slippers.

I've had Julie Wiesenberger's Pleated Ballet Flats in my queue for ages. I love the subtle gathering around the opening, which makes these a great candidate for a simple, luxe yarn. I'd make some for myself, and then a bunch as gifts.

Suede slippers, by Lisa S. Rowe, are simple, elegant, and could be a canvas for fun multis. I'd head to the fabric store and get some faux suede to sew on the bottom as sole pads. I can see these being a great scrap buster:

Jade Lee's Seamless Slipper pattern is affordable and adorable, with a different look that presents an opportunity for buttons!

And finally, the Shine Home Slippers by Julia Noskova are cute and worthy of some of the more radical multicolors... These are really successful, in my opinion, due to the solid border and strap around the opening:

Okay, you know the rules: favorite slippers in the comments!
- YX

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