12 December 2011

Trend: Christmas Ornaments

The holidays are upon us! Happy holidays!

Andrew and I decided to buy a Christmas tree at the last minute this year, and it's being shipped to us today! I can't have a real tree due to my allergies, so we opted for an artificial, prelit (LED) tree with some little sprigs of holly berries and pinecones on it. I figured that, since we don't have many ornaments on our own just yet, the berries would help to make it look more Christmassy.

My mom bought us a Hallmark ornament every year as kids, and they all have some kind of meaning. I have Tinkerbell ornaments from my Halloween as Tinkerbell (and a short stint in my school's Peter Pan production). There's a Pepe Le Pew ornament, for my favorite Looney Toon. Tons of different ones. They're being shipped to me now, too, so I'm really excited to open them up and share them with Andrew.

We'll definitely need knitted ornaments, too. Ravelry's pattern database even has a search category for them, which made it easy to pick out my favorites! So here we go...

Stjarna by Karolina Eckerdal is successful in its simplicity. You could make a ton of them to hang (or give) as a set, and they won't overwhelm a tree. A glimmery or silky yarn would be awesome for these, as would a neutral tweed, if you wanted to go the rustic route:

Frankie Brown's Advent Garland is ridiculous. Aside from being adorable, it has the kind of variety that keeps you from stabbing someone with a freshly sharpened candy cane. I mean, how cute is this?! You can put it on a tiny tree or just hang it, and delight in adding a new piece every day until Christmas. Just don't try to knit them on the day before!

I like these Deck the Balls ornaments by Kelly Jensen as a traditional, classic option. Great gifts for your Aunt Kathy, who wears awful Christmas sweaters sans irony:

LOVE LOVE LOVE (gasp) LOVE these Knitted Paper Chains by Kelly Kingston. I love them as a holiday option, but they would be adorable as in a Birthday in a Box kit, or knitted in a gold yarn to make a street cred statement:

These Christmas Lights by Amalia Samios are so cute chained together, but they'd be adorable as single ornaments, too!

And on a hilarious note, I thought these were too good to pass up: 0-548 Easter Chickens by DROPS. They may claim they're for Easter, but I would totally put these on my tree!

You know the drill- post your favorites (or WIPs and FOs!) in the comments!
- YX

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  1. Eeee! Those birds are so cute. And the stars are absolutely perfect for gifting, which is what I was thinking of. You rock.