13 November 2011

Knitting beverages

I love knitting. This is probably apparent due to, you know, the whole blog thing.

But there's nothing better to me than sitting in a great comfortable chair, with a warm glass of sweetened herbal tea. There's something so simple about it, but it definitely takes my knitting from a crafting activity to a relaxation activity. The warmth of the drink means I have to sip frequently, which gives my hands a break, too!

How about you guys? What do you drink while you knit? 

Oh, and here's a bonus-- New FO photos of my caliper, including my toggle button, thanks to Blue Lab Workshop:

- YX


  1. I drink coffee or beer when I knit. I have trouble remembering not to try any fancy lace or cables when I drink alcohol, though. Friends don't let friends knit drunk! :D

  2. Strong English tea or red wine, however I need to learn the lesson TwistedGecko mentions - I had to tink back several rows on my Vlad due to alcohol related problems with the lace!

    I love your caliper, and you take such great photos of your FOs

  3. Thanks! I need to take more- especially because some of my old photos really don't do justice to the amount of work I did on them!