16 November 2011


I'm so excited today! Last weekend, Andrew and I went out to shoot some video. We didn't have a concept or subject, so I just took along some knitting supplies and started casting on a project. 

Last night, I edited the footage. This was our first attempt at doing anything on our own, and it was so fun! I'm hoping that shooting, at least once or twice a month as a team, will help us improve. 

Startitis from Jacki Schaefer on Vimeo. - Password: yarn

Bonus internet points (and a special prize*) to the first person who can correctly guess the yarn brand and colorway used in the video!

Good luck!
- YX

(*Special prize may or may not be a mini-skein of the featured yarn)


  1. Woolmisery! Rosenrot! Yes? :D

  2. Also, I'm rude. I forgot to mention how cool this video looks!

  3. Definitely Wollmeise. I was going to guess Rosenrot but since that's already guessed I'll try Himbeere

    Cool video!

  4. That's WM! Dornroschen?

    I think you did a great job for your first time out!

  5. So freaking awesome!! I love this, you guys seriously did such a great job! I want to buy a beanie from you!

  6. Wollmeise roter Himbeermund?
    Great video, and definitely convinces me I need a swift and ballwinder!
    Rav - OrdinaryDay

  7. I think it's Dornroschen, but someone has already guessed that, so I will pick Rotkaeppchen.

  8. Love the video! I also like the net on the swift, such a great idea, simple but effective.

  9. Great video! My guess is Ruby Thursday (Wollmeise).

    --westiegrrl on Ravelry