03 November 2011


Okay, so if you haven't noticed, I'm not very good at videos. Everything about the process overwhelms me: shots, audio, editing. I hit record on my Mac Photobooth app and put some title cards and some random music in the background, just to keep the sound of my awkwardness at bay. And it doesn't work.

So when our wedding videographers decided to bring their awesome cine-skool experience to Dallas, we signed up. I had no grand expectations of my own awesomeness, but I thought it might be great to learn a new hobby. Also, since our families are so far away, it'd give us another venue for sending info to them.

So we packed up our stuff. Almost all of our stuff, in fact.

And we drove up to Dallas after work on Tuesday. In most states, the cities are reasonably close to each other. In Texas, even the "close" cities are far away.

But we got there. 

The first day was intense. We had lectures in a big group, and smaller sessions in groups of 4. We looked at equipment, talked about theory, and wondered about where we were headed professionally. I still have no idea. We got back to our hotel room overloaded with info and super exitsted! (That is so obviously a combo of exited and exhausted, of course)

Today, we had the opportunity to break into groups of 4 and start shooting. But you don't just grab a camera- you have to plan it all out!

My group was an awesome combo of people who have shot tourism promos, music videos, and even birth videos! Our task was to define a story and create a video about an individual. Luckily, our subjects were provided for us. My team won the talent jackpot when we were paired with a great guy called Smiz, who is an incredibly entertaining dancer. Check this out:

Is he not amazing?! I was like holy crap, every time he moved I wanted to capture it. We were also super lucky because he was a total natural in front of cameras. I got to see this firsthand, because my inability to shut up earned me the coveted position of interviewer!

Later, we did some shots in a park and in a studio to capture his moves. I got to do audio, use cameras, pick lenses, figure out what in the heck all the settings did. I had such a great time, but it's so incredibly intimidating, too! Regardless of my own fears of inadequacy, I am so ready to practice on my own and try the things we've learned. 

With all that said, how does this have anything to do with knitting? Well, I think it'd be great to do some videos about knitting. About the people who knit, about breaking the stereotypes that we confront as knitters, and to be able to bring new, clearer messages about what it is. Heck, maybe my little sad videos on here will start to look better! I know a few things that I can do already to help. 

So with that said, here's some iPhone footage I took of our team, closing down our shoot. I can't wait to edit!

See you tomorrow!


  1. That looks so awesome! How many days does cine-skool run?

  2. 3 full days! We learn everything- from clients to lighting to storyboarding!

  3. That looks really fun! I love video editing. Do you get to use Final Cut?

  4. This looks awesome. Video editing is something I wish I knew how to do. I know absolutely nothing. Looks like you're having fun and learning a lot. :)

  5. Alyssa- We DO use Final Cut! We learned all about it today.

    Katharine- Maybe we could learn a little bit together!

  6. Great post!!!!! You are going to be great at this!!!!!

  7. Dave! Coming from you, that is such a HUGE compliment! I am so excited to try, at least!