21 November 2011

Trend: Cloches

There are 603 Ravelry patterns under the category Knitting> Hat> Cloche. 

Cloche is french for bell, and the hats do resemble little bells: tight against the scalp, typically with a band or seam that gives way to a slightly flared brim. The hat should be worn low across the eyes and look flirty:

I was really disappointed to see how many patterns were miscategorized on Ravelry. A ton of beanies, turbans, and even a few bonnets were thrown in. I did see quite a few toques, which are narrow- or non-brimmed hats, which actually fit the cloche bill fairly well.

Okay, let me start with flawless yarn goddess Marnie MacLean and the Chapeau Marnier:
Have you ever looked at this hat? Really looked at it? I love the inclusion of the ribbon; different textures with knitted fabrics are one of my favorite ways to push an item from looking homemade to Handmade (with a capital H!). I'd extend the body of the hat downward, so the lace section was right at/ below my eyebrows.

Cloche Divine by Meghan Jones is adorable with interesting details:
I think this hat is BEGGING for color, and wouldn't look as good in a neutral, except maybe black. I can't see this in a grey or white, personally.

Lea Cloche by Cecily Glowik MacDonald is a true cloche, which would be amazing felted:
© 2011 Joe Hancock
In that same book, Weekend Hats, there's a great little welted toque, too!

And finally, Carina Spencer's Regina, which is so popular right now:
I'm trying really hard to get past the duck-foot-as-design-element, but more effort is obviously needed!

Favorite cloches? Post 'em in the comments!
- YX

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  1. I really like the Sideways Grande Cloche by Laura Irwin, which I knitted for my Auntie as one of a collection of hats to get her through chemo