09 November 2011

Wishlist: Mal Worsted, Damask Rose

This dusty, rosey, pinky business is taking over my life! Absolutely my color du jour... I find I go through phases of color obsession. They're always in the same families (all pinks and purples, cyans, light greens, every gray ever), but I'll fixate on a color for ages and acquire a ton of it. For this dusty, warm rose, I blame you, Emily!!!

But check this out. I want this:

Malabrigo worsted in damask rose. I'm ashamed to admit that my personal experience with Malabrigo is limited to this one time, when I was in a (now closed) yarn shop and grabbed a skein of something- I think it was a sock yarn?- to see what the fuss was about. But this... I could just moosh into it after a long day.. BEAUTIFUL FOs on Rav in this colorway.

-tangledYARN-'s Kindred Knits Yoked Cardigan

Rovestar's Tiny Leaves cardigan:

GraceIvy's Neighborly:

Take a look at other FO's at Rav. If you like the above projects, PLEASE fave them! I know I did!
- YX

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