10 November 2011

Wishlist: Viola Fancy in Twig

Freakin' Emily at Viola. I swear I'm not getting paid for this, but every time I look at her Etsy shop, I get this evil voice in my head that screams, "YOU MUST BUY IT ALL! NOW, NOW BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE DOES!!!"

Today's want:

1300 yards of Fancy Lace in the Twig colorway. I have nothing to say for myself. I don't even wear brown! Where is this coming from?!

70% alpaca, 20% silk and 10% cashmere. LOOK AT THE HALO. That is like, the most perfect halo I have ever seen. I bet it barely even sheds on you. I love a good, reasonable halo. Halo halo halo! I know someone who agrees with me:

Thank goodness I'm on a tight yarn budget right now. I can't afford to keep myself in luxe yarn!


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