19 November 2011

Yarn and FO storage

Well, we've crossed over to that confused time of year-- the part where it's 80 degrees one day, then 60 the next. I keep a few pairs of socks around like house slippers, to pop on and off as needed when my feet start to get cold. 

Imagine my horror when I pulled on my first (and only) hand knitted socks and there was a gaping hole in one. I never wear these socks outside of my house, and this wasn't a worn-through hole... It was courtesy of my own personal nightmare: we have moths somewhere. 

I've been fighting moths for a few months now. I catch holes in Andrew's clothing every now and then, so awhile ago, we went to the Container store and stocked up on cedar hangers, storage bags, and some awesome locking bins for my yarn. 

The ones I'm using for my yarn actually have 6 locking handles on them. They are great, because they're airtight and watertight, and stack really nicely. I have two for my yarn, and it's nice to be able to see everything and know that it's safe from moisture and evil moth monsters. 

But after the sock debacle, it became apparent that I'd need another bin for my finished objects. So back to the store I went...
This one is smaller than my yarn storage bins, but I hope to fill it up pretty soon! See all of my squares in there? It closes up nicely:

And stacks on my yarn! 

What now, moths? HA!

- YX

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