08 November 2011

Finished: Caliper

WOOHOO! Just 7 days after casting on (3 of which I couldn't work on it), I have finished!

This is my caliper! Better photos WILL come later, but for now, I am just happy walking around in it. I still need a toggle button, but everything else is ready to go! I'll probably have my husband make one for me, since he makes buttons occasionally and sells them on etsy. I'm thinking a red wood with a satin finish.

So happy with the FO. It looks great with black, which is the color I wear the most. Here's the yarn shot again, so you can see the colors:

I'll pair it with a black leather jacket, black moto boots, and some skinny jeans. I can't wait to block it, sew on a toggle, and take some great photos!

- YX

Edit: I've taken newer photos of this FO:

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