05 November 2011

Video School Wrap Up

So video school ended yesterday, and we left Dallas this morning... But not before a quick detour.

I didn't find anything I particularly liked... and for the money they're asking, you have to LOVE them!

We finished up on Friday at Cine Skool with a crash course in editing with Final Cut Pro. I loved being able to watch people work in it, and I think I'll be alright when it comes to trying it on my own! We edited our video and all three groups got together to watch the videos we all made. It was great! My group was awesome. We really stayed focused and got pretty far with ours, in just a few hours! I can't wait for Smiz to see it!

For anyone who has been interested in my experience at this school, I have to tell you: It was absolutely amazing. We learned SO much SO quickly. Absolutely worth the time and money! I walked away feeling like I could really, truly try something new, and I really have the crew from Shade Tree to thank for that.

They go all over the US, so check out their website and see if one's coming to you! If not, you can email and request it, too. They are such amazing people, wonderful friends that I feel very lucky to know. Chad and Drew (and the rest of the team: Brandon, Candice, and Maci) are so talented, friendly, and patient, and worked with skill levels from total noob (me) to people who have been shooting for years. They were incredible with being able to teach to all of those levels. Don't be timid! And if you DO end up going, let me know. I get free tuition to go back at any time, so maybe I can go with you!

After we were done, we left the studio and the group... but not for long! They had post-skool party plans...

I haven't been skating since I was in elementary school! Luckily (or unluckily), rental skates haven't changed much.My first time around the floor, I was wobbly, but shocked that I was able to keep up fairly well. It's kind of like riding a bike... Except you feel like more of a jackass. I tried to get a picture of the crowd:

See that guy in the yellow shirt and bodacious cut-off jorts? That's Drew, and he's using a Steadicam while skating! So cool! He got some really neat footage! I was cracking up, too, because what you DON'T see is his stellar mullet wig, which was left behind while he used the camera. Chad is actually right behind Drew in this photo, and he's wearing this awesome beige turtleneck. Both of those guys were really good skaters! I was totally worn out by the time we left-- forgot how much of a workout it is! Especially for me, since I spent so much time out on the floor... I'm usually not such a joiner, but I was having a blast! 

And then it was this morning. After the fruitless shoe stop, we had to go home.

I'm so sad to be done with film school, but I am so thankful for the knowledge and experience! Can't wait to get some gear and start trying things!

And on the way home, I had a little time to start working on -yet another- WIP:

Do you know what project it is? No cheating! Bonus internet points awarded to the first person to guess correctly!

- YX

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