01 November 2011

Bonus: NaNoWriMo and 1 Scarf, 25 ways

So, November is National Novel Writing Month, and my internetty pal Ritsuka suggested doing 30 days of blog posts. How fun! I'm willing to give it a shot, along with my friends over at Little Red Bicycle and Mes Tricots

Check out this adorable video by Wendy of Wendy's LookBook for various ways to tie scarves!

This could work for shawls, bulky scarves, stoles and wraps, too!

Another post coming later today with my video!


  1. I'm excited about this. I usually try the first week every year and then get distracted and forget to post. You better keep me on task!

  2. With as many twitter/rav/facebook updates as you all see when I post, I have a feeling you'll be frequently reminded! haha

  3. I'm wearing the Magic Trick right now! I'll have to try some of the others. But I'm totally coveting some of her scarves now, especially the skully one and the white with faded grey stripes.

  4. Freakin' Alexander McQueen. Flawless.

  5. I finally got a chance to view this video. I think I've worn my scarves pretty much every way as shown in this video... all from experimenting and trying to copy those fashionable Euros. :) "The Magic Trick" is very much like what my ex-bf's mother showed me. She called it Turkish style. Now I want to dig out my scarves!